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    Every professional athlete-baseball, football and hockey players alike–who has sampled Zing Bars loved them! I am thrilled to have a bar to recommend that is loaded with high quality soy-free protein and uses all real food ingredients. I am pleased to add them to the Eat Like the Pros® snack menu!

    Julie Burns, MS, RD, CCN
    Sports Nutritionist for the
    Chicago White Sox &
    Chicago Blackhawks

    The first time I tried a Zing bar, my taste buds were in shock of what had just been put into my mouth. How could a bar that’s nutritional taste so good? I don’t know how, but Zing Bars manage to completely satisfy you with their flavor without compromising the nutritional value. I can’t decide which is better: the zing I get from knowing they are good for me, or the zing I get from how great they taste!

    Milwaukee, WI

    Technically, these delicious Zing Bars could be classified under a host of foods featured in the 101 Foods That Could Save Your Life book: chocolate, peanuts, blueberries and agave are just a few of Zing’s ingredients featured in the book. Developed by nutritionists, Zing Bars are the closest thing to a real meal in bar form that I have found without all of the artificial colorings and flavorings. But even more importantly, they are truly DELICIOUS!

    David Grotto, RD
    Author of 101 Foods that Could Save Your Life!

    Zing bar instead of a candy bar! These are delicious and RD approved!

    Ashley Acornley

    Hi! Your company is outstanding and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate it. These bars make my body feel great! They are perfectly balanced and invigorating. It's clear that only best choice of ingredients are being included. So thank you for striving to create a useful, satisfying, and tasty product.

    Peter Stewart
    Portland, Oregon

    I eat a zing bar every morning when I drive my kids to school before my Pilates/spin class...Love them.

    Jenine Grossman Wexler

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ZING! Just picked up the new sunflower seed flavor and a bunch of all the other, and am happy as a little kid. Wish I had a Zing dispenser in my car for all those times I need ENERGY! Keep up the fabulous work, folks!

    Kimberlie Dykeman

    It was tough deciding which flavor to try first; but I chose the Blueberry Almond. As it turned out, I didn't need to choose, because before I was done I had opened and tried one of every flavor. Gang, these bars are 'oh my god' good. Nicely done!

    Via the Internet

    I absolutely LOVE Zing Bars. I recently inquired about coupons and received a nice little package in the mail along with a hand-written note. Zing is such a great company! Thank you, Zing!

    Stephanie Hernandez

    I share my zing bars with my 7 year old identical twins. One celiac. They take one to school almost everyday! Thanks for making such a nutritious & delicious GF bar...we LOVE them!

    Amy Lampich Boyer

    Really need this type of product, healthy good tasting, fiber, protein, low sugar, NO GLUTEN.

    Via the Internet

    The perfect bar! Not too much, not too little, but just right! I recommend it to healthy people and to our patients plus they really taste good. I love this company!

    Sue D. Crow, RN
    Associate Professor
    Louisiana State University
    Health Sciences Center


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