Fuels your day
with better energy

You know it when you’re there—everything clicks, you’re in the flow, you feel great. The easy confidence of being on your game. A better energy that makes you feel alive, exuberant and powerful.

With Zing Bars, it starts with great nutrition and great taste working hand in hand. Protein, fiber, good carbs and good fats, each essential to fueling your zing. A synergy of the healthy nutrients you need to function at your peak, where performance feels effortless.

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Scoops of Ingredients

The Zing difference

...is the combination of better energy and great taste.

Created by professional nutritionists, Zing solves the problem of most “energy” snacks that spike blood sugar and come up short on the nutrients needed for better, more dependable energy.

Zing starts with mono-unsaturated nut and seed butters, all good fats for heart and brain health. We then add plenty of protein for muscle tone, prebiotic fiber for digestive health, and the right amount of slow burning carbs for the steady energy that’s the foundation for clearer thinking and better moods—just plain feeling better because of proper nutrition. This thoughtfully designed combination delivers longer lasting energy, along with the nutrients your body needs to keep you satisfied, focused and vitalized.

It takes a lot of NOs to make
a bar you can say YES! to

Better energy also means keeping out the things that can zap your zing with grogginess, bloating and fatigue.

So here's what we keep out of Zing Bars: no wheat or gluten, no soy protein, no sugar alcohols, no synthetic vitamins and minerals, no artificial flavors, colors or additives of any kind. Ingredients you wouldn’t feed your kids, so why eat them yourself?

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Taste the Zing!

It turns out great taste and great nutrition do go hand-in-hand.

While you’re fueling your zing, reward your taste buds with pure natural ingredients like Peruvian dark chocolate, crunchy nuts, savory nut butters, coconut, tangy fruits, mocha and peppermint. All without artificial sweeteners, fortified ingredients, chalky textures or strange aftertastes.

And Zing Bars pass the toughest taste test of all: kids love them as much as adults do!

To find out for yourself, take a look at our flavors.

Zing Bar Ingredients