celebrating non-GMO month with zing: a pioneer in nutrition, transparency, and purity

celebrating non-GMO month with zing: a pioneer in nutrition, transparency, and purity

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as the leaves begin to change and the air gets crisper, october unveils yet another cause for celebration…

it's national non-gmo month, and here at zing, we're not just observing; we're leading the charge! our commitment to natural, transparent food choices isn't just a trend—it's a core value. and this month, we're shining a light on what it truly means to be non-gmo project verified (and why it matters)!

why non-gmo is so important
non-gmo stands for "non-genetically modified organisms." choosing non-gmo means opting for products made without ingredients that have been genetically engineered. the non-gmo project is the only organization offering independent verification of testing and gmo controls for products in the u.s. and canada[2]. their verification is a testament to a brand's commitment to a transparent and natural food system.

zing bars: leading the way
the zing brand purpose is to create nourishing products for the entire family to enjoy. our 100% plant-based nutrition bars are formulated with healthy fats, good-for-you carbs, prebiotic fiber, and low-glycemic sugars. they are all vegan, soy-free, kosher, certified gluten-free, and non-gmo project verified. and we are also the only bar brand to be founded and formulated by registered dietitians.

our dedication to health and excellence extends beyond our unique foundation. we set industry benchmarks by achieving the distinction of becoming the first non-gmo project verified and certified gluten-free protein bar on the market. 🥳

in addition to the distinctions mentioned above, we recently earned our official glyphosate residue free certification! this accolade guarantees that our bars are devoid of the most commonly used herbicide, ensuring an even purer snacking experience.

so as national non-gmo month continues to unfold, we urge you to be conscious in your food selections and to consider zing bars as a testament to taste, quality, and transparency.

your trust in our journey is invaluable. together, let's champion informed and healthier eating choices!