the best macros for your best life

Three macronutrients are essential for peak performance—adequate protein, good carbs, and good fats. These are the cornerstone of each and every Zing Bar. Taken together these three “macros” nourish our bodies, keep our taste buds satisfied, and help us live life to the fullest! We’ve carefully crafted each Zing flavor to contain high amounts of protein, complex carbohydrates, and health-healthy fats to keep you feeling energized.

Yummy. Very Filling. It won’t disappoint!


Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Bar

adequate protein

Each full-size Zing Bar contains 10+ grams of quality protein. Protein builds muscle tone and repairs damaged tissue. Zing Bars contain complete proteins primarily from rice, peas, and nuts.

good carbs

By “good,” we mean low sugar, high fiber, low glycemic complex carbs for steady long-lasting energy. Carbs are, in fact, our primary energy source, essential for thinking and movement. The key is good carbs that won’t spike blood sugar. That’s why they’re the only kind of carbs you’ll find in Zing Bars.

good fats

Good fats are heart-healthy fats that support cell function and help manage cholesterol. The good fats in Zing Bars come from nuts and seeds. Each full-size Zing Bar contains 4 to 6 grams of mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, and no trans fats.