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Image of Young Woman Eating a ZingBar
Chocolate Covered Zingbars

Chocolate Covered

Dripping in Peruvian dark chocolate, these antioxidant-rich bars satisfy your inner chocoholic. Five distinctively different flavors, each good enough to replace your favorite candy bar. Take a closer look at…
Soft Cookie Zingbars

Soft Cookie

Moist and chewy with chunks of nuts, chocolate chips or quinoa crisps, these soft cookie bars taste way too good to be good for you. While you satisfy your inner cookie monster, you can rest assured knowing each bite has just the right blend of protein, fiber and wholesome ingredients. Dive deeper into…

Nut Butter & Fruit Zingbars

Nut Butter & Fruit

Real natural fruit blended with chunky nuts and creamy nut butters will satisfy your craving for savory and sweet together. These thoughtful recipes deliver a punch of nutrition your body will love and a flavor your taste buds will thank you for. Get to know…