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Created By Professional Nutritionists

We know what we put in our body has a direct impact on our minds, moods and bodies. As professionals, we’ve dedicated ourselves to the life-changing benefits of nutrition and it’s this passion that created Zing Bars. Our mission is simple: to vitalize life with great nutrition.

Our modern lifestyles push us to the edge, leaving us without the vigor we enjoyed in our youth. Intelligent nutrition is the tangible, practical solution to reclaiming our energy. To thrive, we need good protein to build muscle tone, good carbs to regulate blood sugar, good fats to support cell, brain and heart function, and good fiber to promote digestive health.

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Clearly, we’re nutrition geeks! So back in 2007 we started searching for a convenient snack to recommend to our clients and our friends who came to us for advice. Something that “had it all”: delectable, convenient, balanced, nutrient-dense, free from common allergens, and with nothing artificial. A snack that supported a better kind of energy, dependable and steady, while providing the nutrients our bodies require. A snack our own kids would love, and we—as dietitians and parents—would feel good giving them.

Ultimately unsuccessful in our search and not willing to give up, we took the plunge and created Zing Bars. We chose the name because it was exactly what we were after: zest, vigor, vitality and the amaZing taste to go with it.

Image of Zing Team Member Image of Zing Team Member Image of Zing Team Member Image of Zing Team Member

For a while, Zing was only available to our patients. Wanting easier ways to get Zing, those patients asked local gyms, smoothie shops and natural foods stores to stock the bars. You’ve heard “brought to you by popular demand”? For Zing, it was literally true. Now, years later, the mission is the same: a better kind of energy from great nutrition.

The Founders

Image of David Ingalls

David Ingalls

“Nutrition had a profound impact on my life, fixing the chronic fatigue I had in my 20’s. Zing is a natural outgrowth of my counseling practice. They embody the guidance I give patients, who are far more likely to embrace recommendations that taste good!”

Image Minh Hai Alex

Minh Hai Alex

"I knew in 8th grade I wanted to work with nutrition, and am grateful to have a career doing so. It's still a delicious moment for me seeing the astonishment when someone tastes a Zing Bar for the first time, discovering how good real nutrition can taste.”

Image of Sandi Kaplan

Sandi Kaplan

"My husband, two kids and I have celiac disease and have avoided gluten for years. The lack of wholesome, great tasting gluten-free options was a primary motivation in creating Zing Bars. Life is too short to eat things you don't like!”

Image of Kathleen Putnam

Kathleen Putnam

“Having struggled with my own eating habits, I became passionate for health and personal growth, and am now a nutrition counselor, supporting healthier lifestyles. Creating Zing Bars was consistent with my professional passion as well as my sweet tooth!”