Great For Kids

Girl eating a Zing BarThe problem with kids is they know what they like.

The problem with parents is they know what's good for their kids.

As nutritionists and parents, we tackled both problems when we designed Zing Bars.

For Kids…


It's about taste.

Kid on beach with barDried fruit, organic dark chocolate, crispy crunchies and hunks of cashews and almonds. Peanut butter, almond butter and cashew butter for smooth creamy texture and rich flavor. All of them taste as good as—and even better than—candy bars.

What's not to like?

For Parents…

It's about health. Every parent knows the challenge of providing wholesome snacks that their kids actually want to eat. We designed Zing Bars as the easy answer to this common dilemma.

Children need snacks between meals to keep energy up, maintain moods and prevent hunger that can lead to the dreaded meltdown. It's true for adults, too, but you know better than to just give in to the temptation of sugary, empty calories (you do know better, don't you?).

You'll love that your kids won't bounce off the walls after eating a Zing Bar. As parents ourselves this was a must! That frenetic energy is called “glycemic response”—the “sugar rush” that's caused by eating processed sugars like high fructose corn syrup. It's frequently followed by a “crash,” with low energy, bad moods and a return of hunger that can lead to overeating. They're called hollow calories for a reason.

Instead, we use a low-glycemic sweetener called agave nectar that in combination with protein, fiber and healthy fats, gives smooth and sustained energy for hours, without the spikes and crashes.

With all we put into Zing Bars, it's also noteworthy what we left out.

Kid examining a Zing BarMost important are the common food allergens like gluten, soy and corn. Three flavors are also dairy free, so if your child needs to avoid dairy products, Zing Bars will become your new best friend.

We also chose not to add synthetic vitamins and minerals. They taste bad and, especially for kids, can build up to near-toxic levels if eaten frequently. This can happen if a child takes a multi vitamin and eats other fortified foods. In fact, many nutrition bars with these synthetic additives have warnings against being eaten by kids. No such warnings on Zing Bars.

As nutritionists, we know from our education what your body knows naturally: real and natural foods in the right balance give you satisfaction, both in how they taste and how they make you feel. Hollow calories with added vitamins will never provide the same satisfaction.

So the truth is, designing flavors that the whole family would love was relatively easy. We didn't have to worry about masking artificial colors, flavorings or preservatives. These aren't good for kids, and it's no surprise they don't taste very good.

All that's in a Zing Bar is food, all of it natural, most of it organic. We developed flavors that you—and your children—would choose even without thinking about what's in them. But we did think about it, because we wanted to create bars that nutritionists could give to their children.