Weeknight (Gluten Free) Meals for the Stressed

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I am sure you don’t recognize this scene at all. Mom and kids walk in the door from school and work and hubby is not home yet. Kids are starving, mom is tired, no food is prepared. Kids start whining, Mom takes a deep breath. It is super tempting to call for pizza…

My hope is that you are way more organized with weeknight meals than I am. Perhaps you cook ahead on Sundays or have a freezer full of food that you have put away to pull out for just this kind of day. I do those things occasionally too but not nearly as often as I would like.

So here’s what I often do for gluten free, stress free and healthy weeknight meals:

  • Frozen veggies – hurray! I buy them all the time and pop them in the microwave or in the steamer. My kids love peas, broccoli (we call them trees), corn and bell peppers. Add to any meal for more nutrition.

  • Speaking of bell peppers, I try to always keep cucumber, bell pepper and carrots at home (thank you Amazonfresh)! I pop these on the table with some hummus or dressing and let the kids dip away until the entrée arrives.

  • Thank heavens for Amy’s Kitchen gluten free vegan burritos. I buy them by the case and the whole family loves them. I microwave them and throw some veggies on the side and voila!

  • Taco bars are another staple. Food For Life rice tortillas or any brand of gluten free tortillas form the basis for a yummy dinner. I open a can of black or pinto beans, I keep Trader Joes guacamole in the freezer and salsa (which is always in the fridge) gives us a good dose of veggies. Shredded cheese joins the party if I have any in stock.

  • Gluten free pasta topped with Eden’s organic canned pizza and pasta sauce is another easy meal. I add protein by throwing in some white beans, and a bag of salad greens on the side rounds out the meal.

  • Ah…frozen sweet potato fries. They make a nutritious side for Amy’s Kitchen bistro burgers on any gluten free bread or bun. And the pickles and cherry tomatoes (if they are on hand) up the veggie quota.

  • Lundberg makes gluten free healthy “in the box” risottos which are scrumptious. I throw in some garbanzo beans when the risotto is cooked. I also thaw some frozen spinach in the microwave and add it to the cooked dish. I serve this for company and get rave reviews.

  • Start with some smoked salmon (which freezes beautifully), add some gluten free crackers (like Mary’s Gone Crackers) or bread, sliced tomato and salad greens. Put some frozen blueberries on the side and get out of the way of the hungry hordes!

  • The quickest fruit salad ever – thrown together canned mandarin oranges, canned pineapple and a fresh apple and /or pear. Canned is not my first choice but sometimes it just has to do!

  • Bean salad extraordinaire – open a can of baked beans in tomato sauce and throw it in a bowl. Add in a couple of cans of drained beans. Use whatever you like – I often use black and cannellini – but any kinds will do. Add some Italian salad dressing and serve. It is even better the next day.

I’d absolutely love to hear your suggestions. Let’s broaden our repertories by sharing what is quick, easy and healthy weeknight fare!