Nutritional Nuggets [Part 2]: Advice From Real Nutrition Professionals

Nutritional Nuggets [Part 2]: Advice From Real Nutrition Professionals

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To continue our series on National Nutrition Month, we spoke to other members of the nutrition community to find out their favorite advice to give to their patients, friends, and family. For this segment, we found that many of our most trusted colleagues value simplicity, both in their own eating habits as well as those of their clients. Obsessing over shifting trends and the minute details of every single meal—past, present, and future—will not cultivate a love of either food or nutrition. However, embracing the power of real food that both satisfies your hunger and nourishes your body can create positive and uplifting routines!

Q: What is your favorite piece of nutrition/health advice to provide your audiences?

A: I like to remind people to take it one meal at a time. It can be overwhelming to think about making huge lifestyle changes in how you eat, but it is much more manageable when you’re just thinking about the next meal. Each meal is a new opportunity to eat nutritious foods, regardless of what you ate for the meal before.
Alison Doak, MS, RD, LDN Website: Facebook:
A: Eat nutritious food. Move your body a lot. Enjoy treats sometimes. (It’s the most basic advice out there but so true.)
Chrissy Carroll, MPH, RD, USAT Level I Triathlon Coach
Website: and


A: I love to tell people that even the best supplements are no substitute for a well-balanced diet.
Lauren Manaker, RDN, LD, CLEC Website: Instagram: Facebook:
A: I like to remind people to stop idolizing or villainizing specific foods or nutrients. There are no "killer foods" and no "cure-all foods". Nutrition is very complex, and foods and nutrients interact with each other in ways we still don't completely understand. To elevate one nutrient over another means you are missing out on a host of benefits that food could provide in the context of your overall food choices. Health is found in the balance of the full spectrum of our food choices and lifestyle.”
Chelsea Moore, RDN, CD. Website: Instagram:
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