New Zing Keto Bars: Low Carb and Low Sugar Without Sacrificing Taste

New Zing Keto Bars: Low Carb and Low Sugar Without Sacrificing Taste

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You’ve probably heard of keto—the low carb, low sugar, high fat diet approach for folks wanting to reduce their carb and sugar intake. Many have even asked when Zing would be coming out with a lower carb, lower sugar bar.

We’ve taken your comments to heart and, though it took a while to get it right, we think we nailed it with three new KETO bars! These bars are unlike any others. In addition to dropping the carbs and upping the fats, we took a very Zing-like approach to keto, combining the best nutrition with the best flavor.

If you’ve ever tried keto bars, you know they all pretty much give up on taste when they cut down on sugar. But, just like we’ve always done with Zing, we refuse to compromise on taste. We deliver delicious with bold distinctive flavors, straight from the best natural ingredients—without added sugar. Dark chocolate and crunchy cacao nibs. Macadamias with just the right dusting of cinnamon. And the perennial favorite, peanut butter cookie dough (which tastes just like it sounds!). The kind of taste you’ve come to expect from Zing. They’re low carb, low sugar snacks you’d eat even if you weren’t thinking about keto. And unlike other keto bars, they’re soft and slightly savory, never dry or grainy, and never sickly sweet with artificial sweeteners. They’ll satisfy your cravings and you’ll never miss the sugar.

Since keto is high in fat, the type of fats matter. So, we took the plant-based path. We chose MCT oil from coconuts, which easily converts to energy; monounsaturated oils from nut butters, which are heart healthy and help lower cholesterol; and organic cocoa butter, which gives a silky-smooth texture and decadent mouthfeel. For protein, we also took the plant-based path, avoiding collagen (from animal parts) and milk proteins.

“Keto” comes from the word ketogenesis, the scientific name for the body burning fat as an energy source instead of burning sugar. The keto diet reduces carbs to train your body to burn fats, including excess fats inside your body. An added benefit—that’s always been there with the original Zing’s low glycemic carbs—is eliminating the “sugar rush” and giving you sustainable energy for hours. And just like the original Zing, never any gluten.

Whether you’re hardcore keto, or just want to lower your sugar and carbs, you deserve to have amaZing nutrition with amaZing taste. High in protein, 1g of sugar, 3g net carbs, plant-based, and remarkably satisfying. If you’re ready for KETO with the Zing difference, give them a try! We’d love to hear what you think.