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What the New Dietary Guidelines Mean for You

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans are published every five years and the 2010 Guidelines just hit the headlines in the last couple of weeks. It is a huge document –...

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A Lesson From Loma Linda: Eat Nuts, Live Longer

According to science, only 25 percent of our longevity is determined by our genes.   This means that our dietary and lifestyle choices have a huge impact on how long we...

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Weeknight (Gluten Free) Meals for the Stressed

I am sure you don’t recognize this scene at all.  Mom and kids walk in the door from school and work and hubby is not home yet.  Kids are starving,...

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Don’t Let Valentine’s Day Throw You Off Track

I am a dietitian but I am also one of those people who has to work hard at living a healthy lifestyle. I know that healthy habits come naturally to...

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Back to Basics: What Does “Balance” Mean Anyway?

Eating food is a basic necessity of life, so why can it seem so complicated at times?    Sometimes, life is more complicated when we have lots of choices.  And when...

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