KETO with a Zing

low sugar, low carbs, amaZing taste!

Many have asked when we’d bring Zing taste and smart nutrition to a low sugar, low carb bar. We’ve now done that in Zing Keto Bars. They not only cut carbs to help you stay in ketosis and break down body fat, but also deliver healthy plant-based fats and protein. Since the foundation of keto is high fat, the types of fat matter, so we use only nut butters, cocoa butter and MCT oil from coconuts.

the best part?

Just like we’ve always done with Zing, we refused to compromise on taste. Delicious comes from bold distinctive flavors of the best natural ingredients like dark chocolate and crunchy cacao nibs, macadamias, and peanut butter. Unlike most keto bars, they’re soft and slightly savory, never dry or grainy, and never sickly sweet with artificial sweeteners.

available in three mouth-watering flavors

Keto protein bars chocolate