Introducing Double Nut Brownie and Dark Chocolate Sunflower Mint to the Zing family!

We’ve been talking about it for months, throwing out hints on Facebook and Twitter, making all of you giddy with anticipation (because that’s just what chocolate does to people). Your wait is over! Zing Bars is introducing two new flavors to the lineup – Double Nut Brownie and Dark Chocolate Sunflower Mint. Both continue the Zing Bars tradition of being gluten, soy and corn-free, high fiber, low-glycemic, and completely vegan. The Dark Chocolate Sunflower Mint is also nut-free, made with nutritious sunflower seed butter. Both bars are also certified non-GMO by the Non-GMO Project. And yes, they continue to taste ama-Zing!

After introducing two new flavors last year, we were thrilled about your enthusiastic response. However, we knew we still had more work to do after hearing that some of you couldn’t enjoy the bars due to an allergy or intolerance to nuts. We also wanted to create a bar that was rich and chocolaty but able to withstand the heat of a hot summer hike or many hours in your steamy car (we know, because you tell us about it in your emails and Facebook comments!)  We had to keep innovating, creating new flavors that taste great, providing smart nutrition that everyone can enjoy wherever they are.

Dark Chocolate Sunflower Mint is our very first nut-free Zing bar. We start with a creamy sunflower seed butter, full of heart-healthy fats and protein, and then add vegan rice and pea protein. Quinoa crisps give the bar that satisfying “snap”, and we finish by covering the bar in fair-trade organic dark chocolate with natural peppermint extract. The result is like eating the best rich, creamy chocolate peppermint you can imagine! So delicious, you’ll forget you’re eating a snack with the perfect mix of protein (10g), healthy fat (9g) and low-glycemic carbohydrate (24g).

Even nutritionists need a brownie fix sometimes. Our new Double Nut Brownie Zing Bar is a nutritionist’s dream – a soft, fudgy brownie that not only satisfies that 2 o’clock chocolate fix, but is actually good for you. The Double Nut Brownie offers an authentic brownie taste, a wholesome walnut crunch and soft chewy edges. We start with a blend of walnut, hazelnut and almond nut butters and then add cocoa, coconut, and rice and pea protein. This bar gives you the intense chocolate brownie experience without the intense chocolate brownie guilt. It’s also a bar providing smart nutrition with 10 grams of protein, 10 grams of heart-healthy fat and 23 grams of low-glycemic carbohydrate.

Both will be coming soon to a store near you but, if you can’t wait, they are now available for purchase online. Just enter the code NEWFLAVORS2013 for 15% off your purchase of both Double Nut Brownie and Dark Chocolate Sunflower Mint. As always, buy 3 boxes or more and you receive free shipping.

Photo credit: Selva Wohlgemuth