Smart Nutrition

Does the idea of smart nutrition in a nutrition bar seem obvious? It does to us. Oddly, most nutrition bars don't have what we, as nutritionists, consider smart nutrition.

Maybe that's because nutrition, when you really get into it, can be complex. And simple sells better. So there are "energy" bars. Mostly carbs. They spike blood sugar, which leads to the inevitable "crash." And there are "protein" bars, that brag about how low they are in carbs. Okay for protein loading and body building; not so useful for the sustained energy to get through a busy day.

And since simple sells, there were the fad diet crazes of the last couple of decades:

In the '80's and early '90's, it was all low fat diets. The simplistic idea was that eating fat makes us fat. Sounds reasonable, but disregards the fact that our bodies need healthy fats like those found in nuts, seeds and cold-water fish. Not only are these fats essential for our well-being, they help satisfy hunger and stabilize blood sugar. In deleting the fat, we saw a surge in excess carbs and artificial sweeteners. As a nation, we ate more, were less satisfied and got fatter. Diabetes rates skyrocketed.

In the mid '90's, it swung over to high protein and low (or no) carbs. Nutrition experts said—rightly—that our overly sugared ways were a mistake. But in the rush to eliminate sugar, they overshot to banish all carbohydrates. That wound up reducing our fiber intake, meaning we weren't satisfied, got hungry faster and ate more. Plus, many of the protein-heavy products not only had too much protein for our bodies to readily process, they added sugar alcohols and low quality fats. As a nation, we still got fatter and diabetes rates continued to climb.

Zing Bars now take a radical step the basics. Smart nutrition matters, and smart nutrition combines protein, fiber rich carbs and heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. Benefits? Energy to beat the mid-afternoon slump, enough calories to help you feel satisfied and blood sugars that are stabilized. All in a package that emphasizes organic, all natural ingredients.

And a funny thing happens when you have smart nutrition with the right natural ingredients. It tastes amazing. We think it's because your body knows what it needs, and it's telling you that.

Maybe that's more complex than single-function approaches to foods. It won't sell shelves full of books like the others did. But it's the right thing to do. Always has been. Always will be.

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