Our Story

Created By Professional Nutritionists

Our mission is simple: to vitalize life with great nutrition.

As Professional Nutritionists we’re dedicated to the life-changing benefits of nutrition, because what we put in our body impacts our mind, mood and energy. This passion created Zing Bars.

Hectic schedules, overflowing inboxes and eating on the run often leave us depleted. Great nutrition reclaims our natural vitality. That’s high protein, good carbs and good fats—the core nutrients our bodies need to thrive. No fads, just science.

The bonus? Unlike other bars, Zing actually tastes AmaZING!

The Vitality Triangle

Image of Vitality Triangle

Our Founders

Image of David Ingalls

David Ingalls

“Nutrition has had a profound impact on my life, fixing the chronic fatigue I had in my 20’s. Wholesome nutrition benefits everyone at any age and activity level. We created Zing Bars as an easy, and tasty, way to incorporate good nutrition into people’s every day lives.”

Image Minh Hai Alex

Minh Hai Alex

"I knew in 8th grade I wanted to work with nutrition, and am grateful to have a career doing so. It's still a delicious moment for me seeing the astonishment when someone tastes a Zing Bar for the first time, discovering how good real nutrition can taste.”

Image of Sandi Kaplan

Sandi Kaplan

"My husband, two kids and I have celiac disease and have avoided gluten for years. The lack of wholesome, great tasting gluten-free options was a primary motivation in creating Zing Bars. Life is too short to eat things you don't like!”

Image of Kathleen Putnam

Kathleen Putnam

“Having struggled with my own eating habits, I became passionate for health and personal growth, and am now a nutrition counselor, supporting healthier lifestyles. Creating Zing Bars was consistent with my professional passion as well as my sweet tooth!”