Kristaps Porzingis

In our mission to build awareness around the importance of nutrition, we couldn’t find a better partner than Kristaps. As the power forward for the New York Knicks, “KP” understands the importance of nutritious foods in fueling performance.


“When life goes into overtime, I always bring my Zing.”

Kristaps Porzingis

Image of Kristaps Porzingis

“For me, I always wanted to be with a company with a product I actually loved. Zing Bar has been a part of my day every day. So when I was making this decision, I knew I just wanted to be involved as much as possible.”

Kristaps Porzingis

Image of Kristaps & David

The Perfect Partnership

For KP, the Zing Bars relationship is personal.

His long-standing interest in nutrition dates back to his past struggles with anemia and continues today with his intense training regimen. He loved the bars so much that—even with all the demands of his busy schedule—he wanted to be an active participant in the company.

For our part, we at Zing are thrilled to welcome Kristaps to the family. He authentically walks the talk when it comes to bringing his zing to everything he does. His commitment to healthy eating and peak performance make our partnership a natural fit for both of us.