What’s New This Fall at Zing: New Chocolate, New Look, New Recipes

What’s New This Fall at Zing: New Chocolate, New Look, New Recipes

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Not to steal Mother Nature’s thunder, but the leaves aren’t the only things changing this fall. Zing Bars is sporting a fresh new look and we’ve made exciting modifications to two of our recipes that we’re proud to tell you about.

Vegan Dark Chocolate

The biggest news is a small but important improvement in our chocolate coated bars. Some of you may remember last year that we voluntarily recalled some of our chocolate coated bars because we discovered micro amounts of dairy in the dark chocolate. In sourcing a new chocolate, we found that 95% of the U.S. dark chocolate is produced on equipment that also produces milk chocolate, which means there can be very low (but detectable) remnants of milk proteins in nearly the entire U.S. dark chocolate supply. So we spent the past year sourcing and testing a new dairy-free chocolate that meets our requirements. After what turned out to be a long and rigorous process, we’re happy to report that, with the help of a renowned chocolatier, we’ve developed a custom new chocolate that is dairy-free and now suitable for our vegan bars. This makes Zing unique among chocolate coated bars in the U.S.

New Packaging

Our next announcement is that we’ve refreshed our packaging. Much of the change is subtle, but you’ll notice we’ve moved our Gluten Free, Vegan, Kosher and Non-GMO icons to the front of the package so they can be more easily identified. We’re proud of our protein and fiber content so we’ve highlighted them more clearly in little circles on the upper right. Most notably, we’ve replaced the white borders with platinum edges, emblematic of the platinum quality to which we aspire.

New Recipes

We’ve also made a few great changes to the line, including:
  • Our Oatmeal Chocolate Chip bar is now vegan — we replaced the whey in our recipe with rice and pea protein.
  • Our Double Nut Brownie bar now has a smoother, tastier chocolate that we know you’ll love!
As a Registered Dietitian, I am personally focused on geeky nutrition topics like healthy food, portion sizes, meal timing, the importance of breakfast, benefits of smart snacking and on and on. But also as a product developer focused on meeting customers’ desires, I rely heavily on those same customers to provide feedback and suggestions. It’s from this feedback that we’ve made these changes to our products, and all of us at Zing thank you for your help. We hope you are as thrilled with the results as we are. We also have NEW flavors coming out this winter, so stay tuned for updates! Read more about why we chose these ingredients.