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Master Your Holiday Hunger: 3 Tips To Keep Your Holiday Hunger From Weighing You Down

The Zing Vitality Triangle is present even at the holiday dinner table, so long as you know where to look! That same table, however, is also full of decadent pies and casseroles. To help you out, we’re offering up 3 easy tips for staying energized and upbeat while still partaking in your family’s favorite holiday fare...

Power Lunches to Maximize your Energy:
5 Zing-Approved Lunch Ideas to Power Your Day

We’re breaking down 5 Zing-approved “power lunches,” including their ingredients and nutritional benefits, to illustrate what our Vitality Triangle can look like from meal to meal. You might be surprised by how much crossover you notice!

Please Welcome Zing’s Newest Partner: Tyler Lockett of the Seattle Seahawks!

 We’re thrilled to introduce our newest brand partner: Seattle Seahawks rising star Tyler Lockett! Tyler is a wide receiver and return specialist for our hometown team, drafted in 2015 and...

Bring Your Zing! Apply for a $1,000 Zing Nutrition Grant!

  Today we’re announcing our annual Zing Nutrition Grant! As a health & fitness professional, could you (or someone you know) use $1,000 to bring your nutrition, health or fitness messaging...

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Vitality Triangle Part 3: Good Carbs

  This is part 3 in our series of the Vitality Triangle (check out parts 1 and 2, where we’ve explored the importance of high protein and good fats).  Good...