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DIY Zing Holiday Peppermint Bars:
A Delicious, Last-Minute Stocking Stuffer for Your Loved Ones

Looking for a last-minute gift that will stand out among all the other seasonal sweets? Try this holiday classic infused with the delicious flavor and powerful nutrition of Dark Chocolate Mint Zing Bars...
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Power Lunches to Maximize your Energy:
5 Zing-Approved Lunch Ideas to Power Your Day

We’re breaking down 5 Zing-approved “power lunches,” including their ingredients and nutritional benefits, to illustrate what our Vitality Triangle can look like from meal to meal. You might be surprised by how much crossover you notice!

Zing-y, Zany Lunch Boxes!

Photo courtesy of KDFW-TV Good Day Dallas. You’re up, out of bed, scrambling eggs for your kids, making sure they’ve got their homework, everyone is dressed, and…now it’s time to...

6 Smart Snacks for Back-to-School Success

How do you define the word “snack”? Most people associate snacks with chips, cookies and generally indulgent food choices that lead to all kinds of health issues. All the refined...

What Does A Busy Dietitian Eat? 7 Whole Foods Meal-Planning Tips

Creative Commons image Green Smoothie by Wild Tofu/Flickr licensed under CC BY 2.0 As a busy dietitian with a full-time job and a few side gigs (like this blogpost!), it’s...