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Snacking without Sacrifice:
4 Key Components to Balanced Snacking

Traditional “snacks,” such as chips and cookies can cause dramatic swings in your blood sugar levels, which only serve to increase your fatigue and exacerbate your hunger. On the other hand, well-rounded, nutrient-dense snacks eaten throughout the day promote focus, cognition, an elevated mood, and a positive attitude. So, what are the four key components of a healthy snack...

The One-Month Zing Challenge:
Join the Zing Staff in Taking Small Steps for Big Change

With the new year upon us, it’s the perfect opportunity to make a change. At the Zing office, we’re challenging each other to commit to one Zing-approved nutrition tip through all 31 days of January 2020. Please join us, and step into the new year with health and vitality...

Master Your Holiday Hunger: 3 Tips To Keep Your Holiday Hunger From Weighing You Down

The Zing Vitality Triangle is present even at the holiday dinner table, so long as you know where to look! That same table, however, is also full of decadent pies and casseroles. To help you out, we’re offering up 3 easy tips for staying energized and upbeat while still partaking in your family’s favorite holiday fare...

Power Lunches to Maximize your Energy:
5 Zing-Approved Lunch Ideas to Power Your Day

We’re breaking down 5 Zing-approved “power lunches,” including their ingredients and nutritional benefits, to illustrate what our Vitality Triangle can look like from meal to meal. You might be surprised by how much crossover you notice!

Prebiotics and Probiotics: What's the Difference?

  If you’re like us and spend a lot of time perusing the grocery aisles, you’ll notice major growth in items proclaiming their use of prebiotics and probiotics.  While you...