Introducing the New

They’re the same amaZing nutrition bars you know and love, just a new website that’s jam packed with new stuff.

First off, it’s easier than ever to get around:

Zing Home Page

New Zing Home Page - Everything at your Fingertips

The checkout process is faster and simpler:

New Zing Cart

Checkout at Lightning Speed

And we’ve added new nutrition information, making some pretty complex ideas more understandable.

Want to see all the Zing Bars flavors and what they’re all about? Take a look at the Flavors and Types page:

Compare Zing Flavors

Decisions, decisions...

Want to finally get clear on the differences between energy, nutrition and protein bars? Take a look at how 106 bars compare to each other in “Bars By the Numbers”:

Zing by the Numbers

Check out the Stats on Zing

Want to learn more about the science behind the benefits of Zing? Mosey on up to the white board at the Science of Zing page:

Science of Zing Whiteboard

Explore the Science of Zing

So surf by the new and let us know what you think by sending us a message.

While you’re there, if you want to buy some bars (and as our way of saying thanks for dropping in), enter the coupon code zingsite2012 when you check out and get 30% off your first two orders between now and February 12th, with free shipping on 3 boxes or more.

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